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Discover How Copperfield Bowl Booked 83 Birthdays in Less than 6 Months 

The Struggle To Bring Customers In the Door

Copperfield Bowl has been front and center as one of the region’s premier bowling alleys over the past 35 years, but needed a bit of support to help them compete against the big-name corporate bowling centers in the area. 

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The Three Offers They Chose to Run


The Birthday Drip

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Value Packs

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Black Friday Pop-up

The Birthday Drip

To start, the team at FetchRev set Kendra and Copperfield Bowl up with some of our proven top performers: a date collector campaign for bringing in new birthdays and a party package coupon to be strategically sent out 30 days before a customer’s big day.

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Value Packs

Value packs for the holidays and spring break followed soon after, each bringing in around $2,000 from a mix of existing and new bowlers. Birthday parties are booming, food and drink sales are soaring.

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Black Friday Pop-up

As the leads started trickling in, we upped the ante, creating a 50% off Black Friday offer that was delivered both via email and embedded into Copperfield’s new site code. 

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The Results in Just 6 Months

Increased Revenue

$6,000 from Value Packs

$1,200 from Pop-up

Parties and Emails

83 Birthday Claims

467 Emails Collected

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We were in the market for a company that offered a win-win for both us and our customers. We love the plugin, and our customers love how easy it is to redeem and enjoy great offers. 

Kendra Garcia, Dir. of Sales Copperfield Bowl

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Learn How FetchRev Works for Your Bowling Center

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