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Discover How Dallas Karting Complex Made 1 Million in Revenue from FetchRev

Dallas Karting Complex Wanted to Monetize Their Huge Email List

Dallas Karting Complex owner, Kevin Adds had collected 33,000 customer emails and was looking for a solution to connect with these customers. His biggest goal was to get them to return more often to the track.


Most Marketing Solutions Frustrated Owner, Kevin Adds


List Building With No Clear Way to Monetize It

Kevin faced the same problem most family entertainment center owners face. They have massive lists from collecting emails over the years, but don't know how to turn it into paying customers.


Creating a Following on Social Media Without Any Purchases

Dallas Karting Complex created a following on Facebook of tens of thousands of followers, but wasn't quite able to see any purchases from it. 


Daily Deal Sites
Brought in Bad Customers

Kevin had worked with a few daily deal sites in the past and found that customers that came in with daily deal coupons were not always a good match for the long-term goals of the business.

Introducing The Buy Now Offer

Recognizing the huge potential of his email list and Facebook presence, we worked with Kevin to send campaigns and offers via email and Facebook that used the “Buy Now” feature to convert emails and Likes into customers

"Buy Nows" allow customers to pay on the spot and make it easy for people on your list to become customers.


Turning Social Followers into Paying Customers

By sending all of their offers to Facebook and other social medias, Dallas Karting Complex was able to turn their followers into paying customers. With this social media push, followers could pay right from social media. 


Their Results In Just Their First 4 Months

$100,700 in Increased Revenue

A 62.9x Return on Investment

3,000 new Facebook Likes


A Customer For Life With Amazing Results

Now, a customer of over three years, they went on to generate 1 Million Dollars in New Revenue through FetchRev Buy Nows alone.


"The quality of customers I’m bringing in with FetchRev are noticeably better than those I get from daily deal sites, and the ‘Buy Now’ button in the offers is a game-changer."

Kevin, Owner



Learn How FetchRev Works for Your Entertainment Center

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