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Discover How Elements Laser Spa Made Over $150,000 With Just 4 Campaigns

Elements Owner Was Tired of Solutions Without Return

Paul was open to new marketing solutions, but wasn’t actively seeking any. His biggest frustration with what he was seeing out on the marketing was paying for marketing solutions and services that didn’t provide a good return.

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The Three Holiday Campaigns They Ran


Memorial Day


Black Friday


Cyber Monday

Introducing The Buy Now Offer

Using our buy now offers, Paul created new customer offers, introductory specials, and customer loyalty campaigns tied to holidays and events such as Memorial Day Weekend, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

"Buy Nows" allow customers to pay on the spot and make it easy for people on your list to become customers.

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Turning Website Visitors into Paying Customers

Paul also used FetchRev to provide special offers on his website. Within just a few minutes, his web plugin was installed that puts the offer and Buy Now button front-and-center on Elements Laser Spa’s website. Once a visitor clicked the offer, they were redirected to a customized landing page that accepted credit card payments.


Their Results In Just Their First 4 Campaigns

$163,000 in Increased Revenue

In Just 4 Holiday Campaigns

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460 Campaigns & A Million In Revenue Later

Now, a customer of over three years, they went on to generate almost a million in revenue with FetchRev. 

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"After experimenting with a variety of deal sites and marketing products, we found FetchRev. We love being able to drive revenue without mass discounting."

Paul, Owner


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Learn How FetchRev Works for Your Spa

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