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Discover How Sky Zone Lancaster Had Over 400 Birthday Claims in Just 8 Months

Sky Zone was looking to turn their email list into a consistent money maker

Sky Zone Lancaster came to us with 48,000 emails and 33,000 children’s birthdays already in their database looking to monetize what they already had with one goal:

Bring customers in on their birthdays

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The Three Challenges to Book Birthday Parties


Making It Easy For Parents to Plan Their Child's Party

Driving a message to parents to invite them, their other children, and friends for an informal party under 10 guests poses logistical and technical hurdles.

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Sending Emails To Only The Parents of Birthday Children

For best results, you need to segment out your list every day for children who have a birthday coming up 7 days for this to work. 

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Tracking The Success of The Campaign in Revenue

Tracking Sends, Opens, and Click Rates are great but incomplete if you don’t know you know how much revenue you're making.

Enter The Birthday Drip

To start, the team at FetchRev decided to set Sky Zone Lancaster up with our top performer, the Birthday Drip.


This campaign which is sent individually to parents of children with birthdays in the next 45, 30, and 15 days, sees great results, booking 50% more parties each month.


Their Birthday Offer

In close partnership with Sky Zone Lancaster’s marketing manager, we created a three-option bundle, offering a buy one, get one free birthday special for either 60, 90, or 120 minutes of jumping. This exclusive would allow the birthday child to invite a friend to jump for free, or save the second jump pass for a return visit.

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They Uploaded Their List & Parties Came In.

Of course, the earning potential of the deal depends greatly on how it is delivered. Sky Zone was able to upload their customer birthdays into our database, and our automated system took over from there, pulsing out the offer one week before a customer’s birthday, and creating urgency by setting a 14-day expiration date to redeem their purchase

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The Results in Just 8 Months

Claimed Parties

431 Birthday Claims

$84,096 in Claimed Revenue

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“Your team’s work resulted in a 7-to-1 ROI, a very positive thing. I’d recommend [FetchRev] to anybody as it has done wonders for us.” 


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Learn How FetchRev Works for Your Trampoline Park

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