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Family Entertainment Center Marketing Plan

 ✔ Learn our proven steps to creating an effective family entertainment center marketing strategy! 

 How to generate more revenue with your current email list 

 How to book more birthday parties 

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Book More Parties

Without Extra Effort

Birthday parties can be 40 to 60% of a family entertainment center's revenue. Birthday party campaigns are 3 times more effective than email campaigns. Learn how you can start booking 50% more parties each month!

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Keep Your Center Busy With

Just Your Current List

Marketers are constantly telling you that the key of marketing your family entertainment center is more. More emails, more new customers. We've found that the secret is to focus on your current customer list. Learn how you can focus on customers that are 7 times more valuable to your center.

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The Three Steps to An Effective FEC Marketing Plan

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Reward Existing Customers

Repeat customers are 7 times more profitable than new customers. By focusing on the current email list you have, you can make your entertainment center more profitable.


Book More Parties

Birthday parties can be almost half of your revenue. One party brings in new customers and existing ones that will all pay admission and buy concessions.

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Automate It All

Marketing for a family entertainment center can be exhausting. Instead of trying to do this all yourself, make more money by automating the whole process.

The Plan That Has Made Our Customers Thousands


Dallas Karting Complex

$100,700 in increased

62 times return on investment

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7 Times Web Conversion

30% Increased Sales