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Become a FetchRev Partner

By partnering with FetchRev, your company will be able to ensure your customer's marketing success and ensure they stay with your company for years to come.

Give your customers the gift of:

50% more private event bookings

Up to 20x Monthly Return on Investment

Completely automated marketing

Make Your Customers So Successful They Never Leave

By giving your customers the opportunity to completely automate their marketing, they will see an incredible return on investment from your software and never leave. 


Add Up To 20 Times Return on Investment to Your Software

Your customers make decisions each month on what software to continue to pay for based on their return on investment. Make sure they always keep you on with up to an additional 20 times return on investment.

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Connecting With FetchRev is Simple

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1. Connect Customer Subscribers

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2. Automate Their Marketing


3. Keep Customers Longer

Give Your Customers an Unbelievable Return on Investment


Dallas Karting Complex

$100,700 in Increased Revenue

62.9x Return on Investment

3,000 New Likes

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53 New Purchases

7X Web Conversion

30% Increased Sales