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The Repeat Customer Marketing Plan

 ✔ Learn our proven steps to getting your customers back in the door! 

 How to generate more revenue your existing customers.

 How to use special events to bring customers back.

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Generate More Profit

From Existing Customers

Your most profitable asset as a local business are your existing customers. A repeat customer is 7 times more profitable than a new one. In this marketing plan, we'll show you how to generate more profit from your existing customers.

Repeat customers returning for another time

Stay Busy With

Just Your Current List

Marketers are constantly telling you that the key of marketing your business is more new customers. We've found that the secret is to focus on your current customer list. Learn how you can focus on customers that are 7 times more valuable to your FEC. 


The Three Steps to Generating More Profit from Existing Customers


Collect More Customer Data

You can't reach out to your existing customers unless you are collecting data. For every email you collect, you can make an extra $2 a month. 

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 Reward Existing Customers

Repeat customers are 7 times more profitable than new customers. By focusing on the current email list you have, you can make your entertainment center more profitable.


Book More Parties

Birthday parties can be almost half of your FEC's revenue. One party brings in new customers and existing ones that will all pay admission and buy concessions.

The Plan That Has Made Local Businesses Thousands

Dallas Karting Complex, family entertainment center

Dallas Karting Complex

$100,700 in increased

62 times return on investment

Rebounderz, a family entertainment center


7 Times Web Conversion

30% Increased Sales